Recipe Club

Once a month you’ll receive a bundle of five recipes and a video demonstration.
Recipes are presented as a meal, meant for enjoying together.
Cook at your leisure, of course, but for the adventurous among you —
If you prepare the packet in full and tag us in a photo of the meal on social media, you’ll receive a $25 gift card. That means that if you make this a fully circular exchange, it becomes almost totally FREE!

As a special thank you for those who have encouraged and supported me as I’ve developed my teaching style and practiced the craft…

If you have ever been to a cooking class with me in any capacity, your cost to join is reduced by $50. Text 617-819-4381 for that coupon code!

Quarterly payment plans available!

First delivery arrives December 24th. Join on a catch-up basis until the second drop, January 24th!