You’re invited to ours.

Bookings are open for June.

Dinner and Sunday Brunch are by reservation only.

June’s set menu is vibrant and playful, as the start of summer begs to be.

We also offer one-off menus, designed to suit your tastes.



Strawberries // tomato / salted rhubarb sorbet

Fritters // rotating

Mizuna // avocado / roots / citrus

Steamed Momo // potato / chive / chili

Cast Iron Greens //panisse / muhamarra

Key Lime Pie
Mint Milanos




Dan will be whipping up an ever-changing array of cockails for you to choose from during these tastings, which may include some of these perennial favorites.

Oh Captain My Captain
salt o’er your shoulder & lavender for luck
gin, grapefruit, lavender

Rabbit Rabbit
hop to it
carrot, vodka, rosemary, ginger

Cool Hand Cuke
50 eggs? we ain’t got one.
aloe, cucumber, tequila, salt

Way Up In Dem Trees
when things seem just out of reach, might be time to get lifted
pineapple, coconut water, rum

Going Up The Country
a summer smash for days that end in Y
peach, bourbon, maple, rosemary

October 2021


Gigante Beans // spinach / ‘feta’

Slow-roast Carrots // herbs & nuts

Leeks & Dumplings

Johnnycakes // cranberry /orange

Cauliflower // spicy / fried

Apple Pie // a la mode
Rotating Boozy Hot Chocolate


September 2021


Citrus // herbs / sunflower

Fritters // rotating

Tortellini // brodo / wilted greens

Mushroom Toastie // brussels

Sunshine Squashh // berbere

Vanilla Cake // strawberry rhubarb / whip
Dark Chocolate Truffles // warm clove milk


August 2021


Tomatoes // ‘buttermilk’ / rye crumb

Corn // peach / chili threads

Savory Hand Pie // leeks / greens

Fritters / rotating

Garden Socca // blossoms / carrot top pesto

Blueberry Popsicle
Chocolate Tart