In a child’s eyes, my grampy’s garden was a cosmos–
the red rock at the start, my lookout.
The blueberry bush in the apple tree shade.
Raspberry, strawberry, pear.
Sugar snap peas up trunks of tomatoes and peppers, the vines,
the tug of a leaf staying on.
Dirt was a person, and so was the hose at the barn.
Kayak and dingy and sunfish.
Sailboats and windsurfs, oars and ropes.
Colors you can taste and smell.
So, when it’s time for a lesson, if you’d like to try…
Cooking class starts in the garden.
Mandarava Recipe Club originated as a snail mail project in 2018. Word spread of our storytelling action cookbook and sign-ups went quick. Kraft paper binders shipped with a welcoming love note. Photos printed and recipe cards tucked in, hand-addressed envelopes made their way through the post. We had a very forgiving bunch of inaugural members; weekly shipments went wildly off schedule.
Low and behold, 52 weeks of recipes sailed far and wide. Our members were transcontinental!
Year two we paused for some reason that seems utterly mundane now.
Jump to 2020.
Now, as connectivity to one another and the natural world are precious, our project is back in new form.
In this iteration, recipes come with more extensive notes to share the chef’s process.
Inspiration from masters of cooking, food as medicine and joie de vivre.
(Plus…we’re fearlessly delving into an audio/video component!).
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