Dinner is packed to reheat at home.
Pick-up Tuesday 4pm-6pm
Everything is vegan, organic, and gluten free unless otherwise noted on rare occasion.
As we sell-out,the ‘add to cart’ button disappears below menu items.
If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to DM us on instagram or call/text 617-819-4381 to check what’s available.

Tuesday Dinner

Our most popular order — packed as dinner for two — some of everything to share.
A la carte options and extra portions available below.


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Onion Baiji // tamarind sauce


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Spinach Curry // ginger / garlic


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Yellow Daal // tomatoes / herbs


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Fava Flour Paratha // skillet bread


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Pistachio Coconut Macaroons


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Please consider supporting us by purchasing a decorative (and absorbent!) kitchen tea towel.

We’re proud of this creative collaboration with print artist, Ellen Kilmer.

And we love the idea of Mandarava being welcomed into your home in a lasting way.

‘Three Jewels’ Tea Towel

***pick-up with your dinner order or choose shipping at checkout***

Our new friend, artist Ellen Kilmer, is printing tea towels with the ‘three jewels’ of fruit from our original Mandarava shop sign.

She carved the stamps by hand!!

These tea towels are absorbent, but they make such a beautiful decoration we say don’t waste them on a mess.

Pre-shrunk 29″x 29″ 100% cotton tea towel with speedball black fabric ink for block printing.

We’ve wanted to do something like this for so long; a keepsake from our kitchen to yours. These fruits are long lasting!

Local pick-up and priority flat rate shipping available.


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