Hot Lunch Club

This is your ticket for the three remaining lunches in February. The schedule is wonky! We will send reminders the day prior.

Tuesday 2/7, Thursday 2/16, Thursday 2/23, Tuesday 2/28

A weekly subscription service to swing by for lunch, served hot to-go from 12pm-2pm.

The main dish, or ‘Hot Lunch’ is a combination plate of deliciously seasoned vegetables, grains and legumes.

Hot Lunch Club celebrates the heart of Mandarava; zen-like lunches that leave you feeling great.

Add on soup, salad, sweets, and our fresh ginger lemon maple tea below.


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February Soups

Red Lentil (2/7), Tomato Cashew (2/16), Poblano Corn Chowder (2/23), Butternut (2/28)


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February Salads

Spinach Cucumber Dill (2/7), Arugula & Beets (2/16), Southwest Caesar (2/23), Kale (2/28)


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February Sweets

Cherry Thumbprints (2/7), Chocolate Chip Cookies (2/16), Mexican Spiced Brownies (2/23), Spice Cake (2/28)


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Fresh Ginger Lemon Maple Tea

cult classic


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To arrange for fewer Tuesdays or to make any special requests or inquiries, send us a note here.

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